Foot massage, also known as reflexology, is based on a Chinese theory dating back 5,000 years. According to the ancient Taoist belief, zones on the feet correspond to areas of the body, and by manipulating specific foot points one can improve health through better energy flow. Improved energy flow leads to serenity, well-being, and better health. By first soaking the feet in warm water, the reflexology points are stimulated, allowing for improved blood flow, comfort, and peace of mind.

Throughout the venerable history of Chinese health beliefs, feet have been considered the "second heart." The burden placed on the feet is said to lead to poor circulation, sometimes reflected in cold hands and feet. The warmth of foot soaking and the soothing manipulation of the feet improve circulation and energy, resulting in better circulation to organs. In turn, this leads to ercongmuming, or greater spiritual and physical well-being.

In modern societies, stresses such as air conditioning, poor diet, and uncomfortable shoes may lead to poor energy flow. But regular foot massage restores the proper flow and enhances well-being. Foot massage is a wonderful complement to, but not a substitute for, conventional medicine. Be sure to visit a doctor if you suspect you suffer from an illness. Working together, East and West can bring you comfort, good health, and tranquility.

Over many centuries, the popularity of Chinese foot massage has spread throughout Asia. More recently it has become popular in the United States as people have discovered that it is the economical way to feel better and preserve body and mind. We invite you to share in the benefits of Chinese foot massage.
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